Firespiral Sling Show Scotland Exclusive – Review

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Firespiral’s Sling Show Scotland exclusive woven wrap for the last week. I was so excited to get my hands on it, having been given no advance information on what to expect. When I opened the magical orange parcel bag I was not disappointed. Inside was a size 6 Sling Show Scotland exclusive (proper name yet to be announced).

Featuring the Tourbillion pattern with a magenta weft and a dark grey warp (I think. Different lights tell different stories so the Firespiral ladies will have to confirm this), it is absolutely striking. The colours are so vibrant and I love that I’m indecisive on the colour of the warp. In some lights, it looks dark grey and others navy blue, both of which go fantastically well with the bright magenta of the rest of the wrap. I’m not normally a pink kind of person, but I love this pink, it just glows. I also cannot believe the shine; this wrap is utterly radiant.

In the week, I’ve had it in my possession, I’ve done my best to put it through its paces. When I first pulled it out of the parcel bag and had a good feel, I thought, ‘it’s beautiful, but it’s not going to work for me and my 25lb toddler’. How wrong I was. This might be a 100% cotton medium weight wrap, but it is also rock solid. I had my toddler in it in a single layer back carry for well over an hour, including a pretty vigorous dance break, and it did not budge. No digging on the shoulders either and it was easy to tighten. I also wrapped one of my demo dolls and although they were unable to comment on their comfort, it certainly felt like it would also be lovely for wrapping little squishes.

I’m genuinely going to be sad to be posting this wrap on to another host tomorrow (once I’ve sorted the pulls). It is a great all-rounder and beautiful to boot. If you were new to wrapping this would make a really lovely starter wrap, you might even find it is the only one you need. It is going on my shopping list for Sling Show Scotland on 23rd September 2017. Cannot wait.

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