Liora Rae Sage – A review

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a soon to be new release from Liora Rae Wovens. When Sage arrived, my initial reaction was a little underwhelmed. I thought the colours were quite muted and folded as it was, I don’t think I fully appreciated the design. Well, this wrap grew on me massively. I fell in love, and here is why.

This wrap is so soft in hand. Made from 24% Egyptian Cotton and 76% combed cotton it feels lovely and cushy in hand. Thick enough to feel supportive, yet also wonderfully mouldable. As a size 4 wrap I used my go to carry of a short rucksack carry with a candy cane chest belt. I like to use a single layer carry with my 26lb toddler to judge how supportive I find a wrap. This wrap does not disappoint. At 300gsm it provided a lot of cushion on my shoulders, no pinching at the chest belt at all. It does not wrap like a thick wrap though. It was easy to tighten and felt rock solid, even with only one leg pass. I also didn’t find that it wrapped short, like other thicker wraps might.


After contemplating the colours, a pale grey and green, they really grew on me and in fact I think they really suit mine and my son’s complexion. I would normally go for much brighter colours, but I think this combination is subtle but striking. I think it would also look really stunning as a ring sling for special occasions.

Now to the pattern. It. Is Stunning. The combination of the sharp geometric edges with the soft flowers, in this Bloom pattern, is really beautiful. I think it is a pattern that needs to be wrapped to be fully appreciated.

Definitely one to add to the stash in the future.


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