SensiMo Slings tester wrap – Mireya

I had the pleasure of holidaying this stunning Sensimo Slings woven wrap. On first sight I was in love with this 100% cotton wrap. It is absolutely stunning. The intricate leaf like pattern, Mireya, is beautifully highlighted with the red and navy blue colourscheme. They really complement each other and actually made the wrap appear almost purple in hue.


The wrap was a size 6 which gave me plenty of options for putting it through its paces. It is a medium weight wrap, but being an owner of another Sensimo slings medium weight wrap, I had high hopes for it being able to cope with my 25lb toddler. I was not disappointed. This wrap has a lot of cush, feeling lovely and supportive yet comfortable over my shoulders, which a natural tendency to form lovely pleats. The complex pattern gives the wrap plenty of grip but without inhibiting the ability to tighten it well. I think it would probably best suit smaller babies, but it was fine for us in a single layer back carry over the space of an hour’s walk. I really enjoyed having this wrap to play with, my son even gave it a ‘wow’ which is high praise. Definitely one to look out for.


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