Alongside the sling library service, Cosy Cuddles offers more bespoke 1:1 consultations, either at Jen’s home or at your own home by prior arrangement (additional travel costs will apply^). We can also provide workshop style sessions for groups of friends or baby groups.

One-to-one consultations are charged at a rate of £20 per hour*. Generally customers find most benefit out of an hour and a half session. Minimum session time is half an hour. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Those using the consultancy service will be eligible for a 25% discount on a library hire if required.

Small group workshops cost £20 per family for a two hour session including refreshments and a 25% discount on a library hire if applicable. Workshops can be on anything sling related of interest. They make great baby group activities. Please get in touch to discuss you requirements and ideas.

Below are some reasons that a one-to-one session might be more appropriate than a library drop in session

You or your baby have any medical issues that need to be considered if using a sling.

You  are thinking about back carrying your child for the first time.

You have multiples, or want to tandem carry more than one child of different ages.

You want to learn new skills with a woven wrap.

You think you would learn better in a quieter one-on-one environment.

You think you need more time, than a sling library environment will allow.

Library drop-in sessions are great, but due to their busy nature, for more complicated requests, a consultation will be suggested as a better option.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for consultations. Why not consider one as a more unique new baby gift?


^Additonal travel costs are charged at 30p per mile outwith a 10 mile radius of Jen’s home address. These travel costs are exempt from any special offer price that may apply to the consultation.
*All consultations and workshop places need to be paid in full before they are confirmed.