Why use Slings or Carriers?

Carrying babies in slings has been commonplace in many cultures for centuries. In addition to being a ‘hands free’ method of transporting your children, it has a lot of benefits for the child and parent alike.

Great for bonding the act of placing a baby in a sling, keeps them close, so that they hear your breathing and heartbeat, feel your body heat, smell your skin. All of which helps build closeness. Slings can also enable more skin-to-skin bonding, which helps with the release of oxytocin (the love hormone). This means they are great for bonding for mums, dads, grandparents and other caregivers too.
Great for building confidence both for baby and parent. Caregivers of babies who are carried are able to read and respond to baby’s needs quickly, which gives confidence to new parents that they can understand what their baby needs. It also lets baby know that their needs will be met quickly. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that carried babies cry less and are more content.
Great for exercise both for baby and parent. For mums in particular, babywearing provides a lovely gentle form of postnatal exercise by carrying a little extra, well positioned weight, and going for a walk. For baby the gentle swaying they experience in a sling while their caregiver moves around, is great for helping build their core strength.
Great for Socialising a baby carried in a sling gets to be involved in the world at their caregiver’s level. They are involved in conversations and meet more people with the security of being held close to the person they know. For the parent slings are convenient way of getting out and about. There are also developing communities of fellow babywearers who can provide wonderful support groups and opportunities to socialise with like-minded parents.
Can be economical it is possible to buy one sling that meets your needs from newborn through to toddlerhood. One sling will be a significantly smaller investment than a pram. They also take up little space and are great for those living in flats, where prams can be challenging.
Not just for babies a sling can be a safe place for a toddler to retreat to when the big wide world gets too much. It’s a great way to relieve tired little legs without having to push an empty pram around. It allows toddlers to remain involved as they have a parent’s eye view.